Eman El-Assy
Eman El-Assy
Acting • 1985-08-28, Cairo, Egypt •

Pre stardom, Eman El Aassy studied Business Administration for she had no intention to join the cinema world. Her introduction though to the movie industry came by sheer coincidence when she took part of a photo shoot session that ended with the photographer’s admiration with one of her shots, asking her permission to publish it in a female magazine. Eman agreed, for the shot was a respectable one that expressed and reflected who she truly was. The shot was later published as magazine cover that was seen by renowned director Khaled Bahgat, nominating her to take part in the TV series ‘Ams la yamoot’, co-starring with ‘Raghda’and ’Ryad Al Kholy’. The nomination was based on Aasi’s resemblance in looks with ‘Raghda’ whom she was to play her daughter in the series. Eman was once again nominated by director Haitham Hakky to cast in the TV series ‘Ragol w emraatan’ co-starring with Samira Ahmed. Eman then took part in the TV series ‘Ahlam fel Bawaba’, playing both Dalal Abd El Aziz and Farouk El Fishawy’s daughter. She also took part in the TV series ‘Daawt Farah’ to co-star once again with Samira Ahmed. Her golden opportunity came, when director Rabab Hussien nominated her to co-star with Nour El Sherif in the renowned TV series ‘Hadret El Motaham Abby’, where Hussien insisted due to her absolute conviction and belief in Eman’s talent to wait for Eman until she finishes her busy schedule at the time to take part of her hit series.


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